Yangibana Rare Earth Project

Operator: Hastings Technology Metals

Ownership: 30% interest

Location : Hastings Technology Metals

Ownership: Gascoyne, Western Australia

Development Stage:

Bankable Feasibility Study Ongoing


The Yangibana Project hosts extensive rare earths-bearing ferrocarbonatite/ironstone veins that have been evaluated by drilling in the 1980s and by Hastings in 2014 and 2015. The Project also has the potential to host larger, carbonatite-hosted rare earths mineralisation at depth but this target is yet to be assessed.

To-date efforts have concentrated on the ferrocarbonatite/ironstone-hosted mineralisation. Results have shown that the rare earths mineralisation is enriched in rare earths that are utilised in the high value and growing rare earths magnet sector, being neodymium, praseodymium and dysprosium.

Yangibana Project comprises

  1. Two Mining Leases and one Mining Lease Application, Ten Exploration Licences and three Exploration Licence Applications, and four Prospecting Licences, that are 100% owned by Hastings, and
  2. One Mining Lease and Six Exploration Licences within the Yangibana – Cadence Joint Venture, which is managed by Hastings and in which Hastings holds a 70% interest.